Who am I?

My name is Teng Ge. I’m currently a software engineer at Nokia Networks. This blog is mostly my personal interests, which focused on programming and algorithms. I would like to note it down when some interesting problem comes to me.

Python is my favorite tool. I’ll be using Python3 for algorithms demonstration or any techniques that requires scripting.

How is this site built?

There are two parts. The dynamic site (with backend) are hosted on Digital Ocean (affiliate link). I also host a number of other applications on it. Their IaaS is fantastic.

The static part of this site is built based on Jekyll. Previously it was hosted on Github Pages, but now I extended the site to HTTPS, which isn’t supported by GitHub Pages, it’s now also on Linode VPS.

What if you agree or disagree on what I posted, or want to contact me?

Upper-right corner on every page in this site: email me.

Or left a comment in this page below. By the way, the comment function is powered by Disqus, which is awesome!